Find the right person for your task
You don't have time to mow your lawn? Are you looking for someone to clean your house after a party? You don`t have time to walk Bello tomorrow? Or would you like to earn some extra cash by performing a task?
No problem, WOSIDO is the solution.
WOSIDO is launching soon!
About Wosido
WOSIDO is an application for searching and providing various tasks. No matter if you need help or if you want to complete a task. Registration is simple and user-friendly, in order to find someone to help you today.
Candidates can apply immediately after your task is posted. A short time afterwards, you will find your suitable task performer.
Registration is quick and easy. WOSIDO intentionally avoids unnecessary steps.
The money will be deposited on an Escrow account and will only be transferred after the client confirms the completion of the task.
How does it work?
Post your job within a few steps
Let us know about your task.
Make a short description of it and decide about the conditions like location, number of hours, hourly wage and time. We will then upload your open task on WOSIDO and task performer can apply for it.
Chose the right person for you
Task performers, who agree with your conditions can apply for your posted task. You will see now their profile and their rating. Accept their application and the agreed payment will be held securely in an escrow until the task is complete.
Task performer completes task
As soon you hire a task performer you will have the possibility to chat with him or her within the WOSIDO application. With your task complete, you just need to confirm it and the payment in escrow will be released to the task performer. After that you have the possibility to leave a review for the task performer.
Looks pretty cool? WOSIDO will soon be available on the Appstore or Google Play!
Looking to earn some money? Get notified about new tasks
If you would like to fulfil a task and so earning some extra money, feel free to apply within 3 clicks for open tasks. You don't want to check every time if a new task opportunity is posted?
No problem! Just enter your criteria like distance or desired hourly rate and as soon as a new task is online you will be notified via push notification.
Have any questions left?
Just send us a message using the contact form and we will reach you within 24 hours!
Thank you for your question! We'll contact with you as soon as possible!